mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

How should Europe to Greece?
The insistent question that dominates the media is the opposite.
Yet, in Paris, the Louvre, in front of the Nike of Samothrace, and the thousand masterpieces even inspired by the world greek my wife and I are convinced that the issue should be reversed.
The economic rigor can not be a stronger underlying value than the huge cultural debt which we all Europeans citizens have to Greece.
Europe is and should be something greater than its monetary union.
Europe only careful accounts will never have a soul, a breath: will never have life. How much devastation we Europeans (Italians and Germans) have done to Greece as soon as 50 years ago.
Even in purely economic terms: how many museums in the continent attract thousands of tourists (and euros) thanks to the wonders on display in their rooms!
Hence the idea of a proposal perhaps unrealistic:

in front of masterpieces, that far from their homeland beautify our capitals, to open subscriptions to collect donations for the consolidation of Greece.

Maybe not enough to change the fortunes of the economy. But it could at least partly change the collective feeling and to feel to the Greeks our closeness as European citizens.

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